...  and if someone would ask me ?! , 

I don‘t really know how to play the bass, 


I’m just trying to convey my ideas  …

guy david tuneh 

dedicates his work to challenging the traditional role of the 

bass player,




G. Tuneh


approaching  the  double bass literature from a new direction, these goals are achieved by performing 

music which until now was considered impossible to perform on 


Sonata K. 301

Guy David Tuneh set a landmark in double bass performing - he is the first bass player to ever perform an un-transcribed version of the Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations in concert, and by doing so achieving a higher standard of technical and artistic prowess in musical performance. He is also the first Bass Soloist to ever perform an un-transcribed version of the Elgar Cello Concerto and Villa Lobos Fantasia for Cello on bass in concert.


Guy D. Tuneh is the first Bass-Soloist to ever perform an un-transcribed version of the Elgar Cello Concerto and Villa Lobos Fantasia for Cello on bass in concert and is the first Bass-soloist to perform (for the first time ever) an un-transcribed version of both Beethoven's: F and G Violin Romances on double bass in concert, Paganini's: Cantabile in D, Capriccio No. 9 (an un-transcribed version), an un-transcribed version of Mozart's: Rondo C-Major for Violin, Sonata K. 301 for Violin in G, and Mahler's: Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen for low voice on double bass.


Capriccio Nr. 9

fantasia        .        


Romance in G 


Elgar Cello Concerto










Rococo Variations



Rondo  C - Major










Guy D. Tuneh has set a personal goal to combine passion, personality, character, and unique technique in his approach to musical performance. Aiming to win over wide and diverse audiences, he constantly seeks new challenges. Coming from a deep and intense personal involvement, his performances attempt to deliver strong messages to the audience and result in intense, captivating, and awe-inspiring experiences.



"... particularly impressive with his astonishing virtuosity on this instrument, 

                                     often taking breathtaking tempos, this cast was already unusual, 

                       the sound foundation of an orchestra 

now in solo roles, but the performance was quite phenomenal … 




                                                              has been studying in Germany & Switzerland and performing internationally. Guy D. Tuneh has been active as a solo performer and chamber musician. His performances including compositions performed on the double bass, which were not written for this instrument.

Guy D. Tuneh's orchestral performances included engagements as a principal bassist with Ensemble Les Dissonances, Ensemble Modern and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra (Winner of ECHO–Klassik AWARD 2006 and the ECHO-Klassik AWARD 2007).  

The FAZ describes bassist Guy Tuneh for his intense musical involvement and his performances, in which he combines virtuosity and musicality.

As a Soloist and as a chamber musician, Guy D. Tuneh has performed  to great acclaim 


has participated in Solo and chamber music performances recorded by various  international broadcasting services (ORF,  SWR ,  IPBC,  KBS). 

Guy  D. Tuneh participated at festivals such as: 

 "Verbier Festival",  "Festival di Musica d'Insieme di Sessa Aurunca", 

"Fètes musicales en Touraine",  "Busan Maru International Music Festival", 

"Gumi International Music Festival",  "Gimhae International Music Festival", 

"Internationales Bodenseefestival" and the 

“Lucerne Festival“ 

Guy  D.  Tuneh maintains an active double bass  teaching career 

(Berlin State Conservatory) 


teaches master classes  world wide 

(israel,  usa,  korea,   japan,  germany,  france).

Guy D. Tuneh’s performances as a solo performer and chamber musician included collaborations with: Vesselina Kasarova, Rainer Kussmaul, Heinz Holliger, Thomasz Tomaszewski, Ensemble-Modern, Miloslav Gajdos, The Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Kammersolisten der Deutschen Oper Berlin, the „Transylvania” State Philharmonic Orchestra, Schiller, U2, Daniel Barenboim,  Elliott Carter  and other distinguished musicians.




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, but also 

       the human spirit  



        we heard the double bass

That evening 



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