Bach // Beethoven - The Archive Demo Recording

Mr. Tuneh would like to share his recording of Bach (Allemande from Violin Partita no. 2, BWV 1004) and Beethoven (Romance for Violin and Orchestra No.1 in G major, Op. 40) with the world. This music was recorded by Guy David Tuneh in Germany 2015, 2017. This recording itself is a raw demo, but the music of this piece shows the finalized musical ideas of Mr. Tuneh’s, in terms of highlighting his philosophical, conceptual and interpretive presentation of the musical structures of this piece through his performance.

The „Bach // Beethoven - The Archive Demo Recording“ available online:

Record Label: G. D. T. - Fine Arts
General Distribution: TuneCore Inc. Brooklyn, NY 11201

An Announcement from Mr. Tuneh In Regards to the COVID-19 Corona Virus:

 (March 11. 2020,  10:00  C. E. T.)

Mr Tuneh is very saddened by the loss of life and the suffering of those who are ill because of the SARS-CoV-2 

(COVID-19 coronavirus). His heart goes out to the people who are sick and the families of all those who have been impacted by this disease.

Due to the fast spreading nature of the COVID-19 coronavirus and the impact it is having on the European community as a whole, the German Health Ministry has put a ban on gatherings of 1,000 people or more.

Mr. Tuneh does not want to disappoint his audiences, but in light of the current world climate in regards to the COVID-19 coronavirus and the latest announcements of the German Health Ministry, he has come to the decision to postpone his performances (world-wide) to keep his audiences as safe and healthy as possible. Mr. Tuneh regretfully announces that most of his upcoming concerts will be postponed, or cancelled at least through 

April 2020.

Mr. Tuneh is very involved with the European musical community and is keeping informed on the impacts of the COVID-19 coronavirus on Europe. 

The current international events and precautions surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus are very fluid and change from day to day. Mr. Tuneh and his representatives will share any further information and updates as soon as they become available on this Guy Tuneh's official website.

Please take care of your loved ones and yourselves and keep music in your hearts. “ 


Guy  Tuneh

Welcome !

Guests all over the world are welcome to experience and to discover more about Guy D. Tuneh’s work, philosophy and approach to musical performance. Visitors of the all new Guy D. Tuneh’s official website will experience a new different view on Mr. Tuneh’s work and stage life, presented with the unique and personal touch of Guy D. Tuneh himself. 

The New official Website for Double bassist Guy D. Tuneh will be launched in July 2019.  


"Beyond discipline, devotion, courage, openness, adventure, and honesty, I view passion as a requirement to achieve quality and perfection … “  Guy D. Tuneh

The High Quality hand made Double bass bow case "Guy D. Tuneh Model" . 

“ It was my great honor to collaborate with the Oliver Bergner firm on the „model Guy D. Tuneh".  Currently on the market as one of the best bass bow cases, this model symbolizes our joint effort toward quality and perfection. The process of developing and assisting this company in creating this case was very interesting and instructive.  Their people's dedication, intensity, and love of the small details, inspires my approach that the "right spirit" is needed in order to achieve greatness, not only on the performance stage, but everywhere  else.“   G. D. Tuneh

„ … for the finest double bass bows,

a premium bow case. “

                                                                                                                                                                           - guy tuneh -

model guy david tuneh

Guy D. Tuneh was a guest performer and toured Korea in 2017.

Double bassist Guy D. Tuneh performed in Korea as a guest of the International Busan Maru Music Festival 2017.  Mr Tuneh participated in the International Music Festival performances in Gumi, Gimhae and Seol along with: Soloists of Deutsche Oper Berlin under Tomasz Tomaszewski.

“  Guy David Tuneh's Violin work is endowed 

with a hair-fine delicacy that defies coarser incarnations  of the string family - 'DisBorderline' is fleet of meter but laden with emotional moments.

   WNYR broadcasting Guy D. Tuneh’s Bach Interpretation 

Guy D. Tuneh’s 2016 USA Tour and Master Classes.

Bassist Guy Tuneh was a special guest artist of the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign - School of Music and the University of Michigan- School of Music, Theatre & Dance and gave master classes and performances with Rudolf Haken and Diana Gannett.

Contrabass Conversations:

 Jason Heath interviewing Guy David Tuneh, 

 talking about 




 and motivation

Enjoy >>>

Guy D. Tuneh

Echo 2015:

A DVD of a live performance by Schiller, featuring Guy Tuneh as Principle Bassist with the "Symphonic Pop Orchestra" is a finalist in the Crossover Category for the Echo Deutscher Musikpreis 2015. 


A Violin work was presented for the first time on Double Bass performed by

 Guy D. Tuneh.

Available for download from the 7th of November 2014.

For the first time ever, a commercially released live recordings by Double Bass Soloist 

Guy D. Tuneh for the Synchron Arts GmbH label. These recordings feature the Double Bass world premier of W. A. Mozart's Violin Sonata K. 301 in G and two versions of Cantabile by Paganini. The Guitar version of the Paganini Cantabile includes an introduction composed by Guy D. Tuneh. Mr. Tuneh and Synchron Arts can think of no better way to celebrate this new collaboration by releasing these recordings. 

Available: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 


Gustav Mahler, Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen for low voice and Orchestra.


  “ Depression...



     Loss … „

Guy D. Tuneh will perform an un-transcribed version of Mahler's Lieder for low voice on Double bass in concert, the performance will take place in Berlin at the Burgwallschanze, Spandau - Oct. 2013

Guy D. Tunehs new collaboration with Record label studio.Wannsee

Double Bass Soloist Guy D. Tuneh announces a new and exclusive collaboration with  Record label studio.Wannsee - a division of cmpm GmbH + syncron-arts GmbH to produce commercial recordings and audiovisual materials,  Apr. 2014.


W. A. Mozart, Rondo C-Major for Violin and Orchestra K. 373.

" Love





stay true to yourself




create new limits








hard working

… May your dreams come true !

never forget: HUMANENESS

be proud !

SHARE  WITH  THE  REST  OF  THE  WORLD..."  (Guy D. Tuneh)

Guy D. Tuneh performs an un-transcribed version of Mozart's Rondo for Violin 

K. 373 in C Major on bass in concert, Germany Wannsee, Jan. 2013

Guy Tuneh perform                                                  s Heitor Villa-Lobos, Double B

First time ever and as an un-tran


version of V                                                                                                           illa-Lobos Fantasia for ce


on double bass in concert. 



                    DISCERNING - INSPIRING STAYS"

Experience Guy Tuneh with Ensemble Amati in Maastricht, March 2014

Guy D. Tuneh to Guest in Korea

Guy Tuneh to perform with Soloists of Deutsche Oper Berlin in Seoul & Busan.

Double bassist Guy D. Tuneh will participate the International Busan Maru Music Festival.

Mr. Tuneh will give Master Class and will perform as an Orchestra principal Bassist in a joint symphonic concert of the “Korean Foundation of promotion youth talented musicians“ in cooperation with the Deutsche Oper Berlin in Seoul on the 27th of August.

Mr. Tuneh will perform Solo and Chamber music concert  in Busan on the 2nd and the 3rd of Sep. with Soloists of Deutsche Oper Berlin. 


Beethoven's: Romance Op. 40 in G Major and Villa-Lobos, Fantasia for cello on Double bass.

Guy D. Tuneh performs an un-transcribed version of the Beethoven Violin Romance in G Major on bass and for the first time ever and an un-transcribed version of Villa-Lobos Fantasia for cello on double bass in concert, Berlin - Feb. 2012.

“ With hope that Double bass would win one more Masterwork, to be part of its everyday repertoire …”  G. D. Tuneh

// CRYING angels //

Looking down on earth, Disappointed. They are trying to dance   ... 

But our loneliness is digging a HOLE in their Hearts

They want us to be happy, they are trying to laugh.

But all that comes out is just tears  

Falling like rain but we are letting those dry... 

Crying, crying, crying...

And we are 

Ignoring those tears

Music: Niccolò Paganini; Cantabile D Major for Violin

Dramaturgy & Performance : Guy D. Tuneh - Contrabass

Text: Shmuel Shohat 

Experience Live in Berlin, Jun. 2014 

Ensemble  Les Dissonances - Piazzolla, Vivaldi CD out now.

Berlin Wannsee, Jan. 2011:

Guy D. Tuneh performs an un-transcribed version of the Beethoven's Violin Romance Op. 50 in F Major on bass in concert.