Author: Kulcsár Gabriella

. . .  but also the human spirit.

Double bass Soloist Guy D. Tuneh performs Kol Nidrei accompanied by the Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Noam Zur .

… M. Bruch's Kol Nidrei was originally composed for cello. That evening we heard the double bass transcription by Guy David Tuneh (Israel), which was an artistic and sensitive presentation. The interpretation of the Jewish prayer melodies and the feelings of romantic passion were realized with rich, colorful tones. Guy David Tuneh’s polished appearance, and the immediacy of his performance made him admired by the audience. The prolonged applause, lead to Guy David Tuneh performing an encore with an improvisation on Teppo’s theme of his works. 

“   Musical  Highlights

…with youthful nonchalance and fun. The bassist played with his entire body, making delightful facial expressions on each highlight. Both increased the experience by their performance so much so that even before the last bars cheers and shouts from the audience were sounding. Cries of Bravo and never-ending applause followed.

… two instruments, the sound foundation of an orchestra now in solo roles, but the performance was quite phenomenal.

Author: Frank Gottschald





Happy Birthday Sir ANDRZEJ!  


…  In any case, this performance  –  especially  the double bass playing by Guy  Tuneh, was for me the highlight of this evening, which was already prosperous, thanks to the other performers, who of course also played  with "body and soul".  

Author: Ulrich Hermann


                                      Guy David Tuneh's Bass work is endowed with a hair-fine delicacy that defies coarser incarnations of the string family - 'DisBorderline' is fleet of meter but laden with emotional moments. 



Guy David Tuneh must be seen! 

The way Guy was hugging his double bass, caressing and conjuring every note out!  

This name  should be remembered!  

                                           Despite the heat that caused the sweat to run down your back, you didn't want to miss a moment.

  Wonderful world of colors and sounds

… For example, there is the double-bass soloist Guy David Tuneh from Israel, whose lusty playing with the rather sedate-looking instrument almost resembled a dance. …

… The musician was solo bassist with the Berliner Kammeroper and with the Echo Ensemble of the Staatsoper Berlin and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. He played under well-known conductors such as Daniel Barenboim or Sir Simon Rattle and Pierre Boulez.

Author: Gudrun Ott



for your performance yesterday evening!

Dear Guy,

I attended your performance yesterday evening at UIUC. It was outstanding!. My favorite piece was the last one (Kol Nidrei). Your interpretation reminded me of some paintings of 

Marc Chagall.



j. zerubia

Visiting Professor at CSL, ECE Dept, UIUC, USA & Director of research at INRIA.



the most passionated bass player I ever heared, 

                                                                              beautiful concert in Maastricht.


Unique,  his way of bass playing.

             We were in Thyrow and were able to experience this 

                                                                                              incredible musician.

                                                                                                    THANK YOU 💗


I've seen you play on youtube white Schiller Symphonia it was great, 

                                      I watched you site and see how much passion 

                                                                     you put into your music.

   I admire you great. 


                U sir are very entertaining to watch, 

                                     L’Elephant was composed for you to perform.


King of expression.

. . .  Contrabass, a bit different

… Tuneh presents the argument that the bass is worthy of at least the same esteem as the cello, and demonstrated this by performing Tchaikovsky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme on the bass. …

… In all the works the musicians were able to feature the sonoroties and soloistic capabilities of their individual instruments, as well as demonstrate that the two instruments could create a very harmonious and effective combination which ought to be dared more often. … 

 … a Duetto of Haydn originally composed for cello and contrabass was transcribed for bassoon and bass by Tuneh and he arranged Mozart’s Opera Melodies as duos. Tuneh offered an entirely different palette of musical colors with the 'Suita piccola' for solo contrabass by the contemporary Finnish composer Kái Niethunen. …

… Tuneh with his contrabass was definitely the center point, particularly impressive with his astonishing virtuosity on this normally rather ponderous instrument, often taking breathtaking tempos. …

Author: Miryam Mohr

  Solo in the hall, Tutti in garden

Dessauer double bass gala, versatile and virtuosic.

… Miloslav Gajdos from the Czech Republic, performed with Guy Tuneh was the highlight before the break with Giovanni Bottesini's Variations on a theme by Giovanni Paisiello. There you had an original work for double bass and piano, arranged for two basses and performed with elegance, humor and sensitivity.