Press Comments

"...but also the human spirit."

(Szabadság, from 2010-02-16 - Author: Kulcsár Gabriella)

Double bass Soloist Guy D. Tuneh performs Kol Nidrei accompanied by The Symphonic Orchestra and Choir of the „Transylvania” State Philharmonic conducted by Noam Zur.

"In recent weeks the traditional Friday night concert vocal symphonic works, mostly religious groups. Great experience, when the joint production of Choir and Orchestra (The Symphonic Orchestra and Choir of the „Transylvania” State Philharmonic of Cluj-Napoca) sound is growing quite and shake the walls of the concert hall, but also the human spirit."

"Such musical rarities delighted last week's concert, which Noam Zur (Israel) conducted with energy tension and intimacy."

"M. Bruch's Kol Nidre piece originally composed for cello. That evening we heard the double bass transcription by Guy David Tuneh (Israel) which was combined artistic and sensitive presentation. The interpretation of the Jewish pray melodies and romantic passion have been with rich color palettes realized. Guy David Tuneh’s nice appearance, and the immediacy way of playing made him to be admired by the audience. The constantly prolonged applause, made Guy David Tuneh to encore with improvisation on Teppo’s theme of his works."

"Bassoon and Contrabass, a bit different"

(Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz, Lokalanzeiger from 2008-01-25 - Author: Miryam Mohr)

"Duo Bassone” with an unusual combination of instruments"

"SELZEN. Contrabass and Bassoon are two sonorous instruments which one rarely hears featured as solo instruments in classical music. This is not the case with 'Duo Bassone', performing in the fourth New Year’s Concert in the Selzener Wilinshof. As part of the 'Classics in the Dome' series, contrabassist Guy Tuneh and bassoonist Thomas Ritschel demonstrated that both instruments can do more than just contribute to the tone color of a symphony orchestra. As always, the selection, which ranged from Haydn and Mozart to contemporary music, provided delights for the ears as well as a tasteful buffet for the numerous music lovers. The artist duo appeared through the management of the Villa Musica, where both artists are on stipend, and brought an international flair to the grounds of the Wilmshof. Both musicians have national and international concert experience. For example Tuneh, who is Israeli, performed in Daniel Barenboim’s renowned 'Westeastern Divan Orchestra', which brings young Palestinian and Israeli musicians together. That Tuneh loves his instrument was demonstrated not merely in occasional challenges to the bass’ little brother, the cello. Tuneh presents the argument that the bass is worthy of at least the same esteem as the cello, and demonstrated this by performing Tchaikovsky’s Variations on a Rococo Theme on the bass.

The majority of works on the demanding program - which was offered first in the morning with champagne, and then in the early evening with a buffet – were classical compositions such as those of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the lesser-known composers Georg Abraham Schneider and Johann Baptist Vanhal. Works included selected duets for low instruments by Schneider, a Theme and Variations by Vanhal, a Duetto of Haydn originally composed for cello and contrabass and transcribed for bassoon and bass by Tuneh, and Mozart’s opera melodies arranged as duos. Tuneh offered an entirely different palette of musical colors with the 'Suita piccola' for solo contrabass by the contemporary Finnish composer Kái Niethunen. In all the works the musicians were able to feature the sonoroties and soloistic capabilities of their individual instruments, as well as demonstrate that the two instruments could create a very harmonious and effective combination which ought to be dared more often. Tuneh with his contrabass was definitely the center point, particularly impressive with his astonishing virtuosity on this normally rather ponderous instrument, often taking breathtaking tempos. But Ritschel also proved that he can handle his bassoon in with virtuosity and congeniality. It is to be hoped that the tradition of New Year’s Concerts continues with promising young artists in 2009."

"Musical Highlights"

(Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz, from 2005-07-25 - Author: Frank Gottschald)

"Guy Tuneh and Mischa Meyer faced the task with youthful nonchalance and fun."

„Israeli bass player, Guy Tuneh and cello player Mischa Meyer from Baden performed Duetto in D Major by Gioacchino Rossini. This cast was already unusual - two instruments, the sound foundation of an orchestra now in solo roles, but the performance was quite phenomenal. Rossini had this piece written for a wannabe cellists, who paid a princely price for it. The composer enjoyed the opportunity to challenge the amateur with relentless technical requirements. Guy Tuneh and Mischa Meyer faced the task with youthful nonchalance and fun. The cellist dealt with every difficulty pleasurably. The bassist played with his entire body, making delightful facial expressions on each highlight. Both increased the experience by their performance so much so that even before the last bars cheers and shouts from the audience were sounding. Bravo cries and never-ending applause followed.“

"Solo in the hall, Tutti in garden"

(Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, from 2006-06-27)

"Dessauer doublebass gala, versatile and virtuosic."

„Miloslav Gajdos from the Czech Republic, performed with Guy Tuneh the highlight before the break: Giovanni Bottesini's Variations on a theme by Giovanni Paisiello. There you had an original work for double bass and piano, arranged for two basses and performed with elegance, humor and sensitivity."