Beyond discipline, devotion, courage, openness, adventure, and honesty,

I view passion as a requirement  to achieve quality and perfection

Guy D.  Tuneh

It was my great honor to collaborate with the Oliver Bergner ETUIBAU firm on the ‚Model Guy D. Tuneh’

  Currently on the market as one of the best bass bow cases, this model symbolizes our joint effort toward quality and perfection.


The process of developing and assisting this company in creating this case was very interesting and instructive.


Their people's dedication, intensity, and love of the small details,  inspires my approach that the "right spirit" is needed in order to achieve greatness,

not only on the performance stage, but everywhere else.  "

The “Guy David Tuneh Model” is a case for two double bass bows.


This case was developed for the finest bows, since these bows have special requirements.

These requirements have been met  through a joining of  Guy  D.  Tuneh’s ideas,  quality demands and travel experiences with the expertise of the Oliver Bergner ETUIBAU

Case Company.


The Oliver Bergner ETUIBAU Case Company  has  epitomised  craftsmanship,  innovation

and excellence, with an unparalleled 30-year heritage.  

The Company creates durable, handcrafted high-quality  Etuis at its factory in Erlbach in the Vogtland, Germany


As with the other models of the company,  the “Guy David Tuneh Model” is finished

by hand, in an exclusive manufacturing environment.


The “Guy David Tuneh Model”  is  designed for German and French Bows.


After this model has been tested to ensure the highest quality, it is worthy of the name

Guy David Tuneh.

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